NJIT's graduate certificates give students the opportunity to:

(a) improve their skills in their current occupation by developing expertise in advanced topics,
(b) acquire knowledge to pursue new careers, or
(c) explore emerging fields before committing to relevant master’s degree programs that require more courses.  

Many students pursue a graduate certificate for personal growth or part-time.

Each certificate program contains 4 graduate courses (equivalent to a total of 12 graduate credits) that are normally part of the curriculum for a 30-credit Master's degree program. After successful completion of a graduate certificate, a student may decide to continue studying at NJIT towards the corresponding Master's degree by taking advantage of rapid matriculated acceptance and eventual acquisition of two credentials (essentially for the price of the Master’s degree).

Graduate Certificates are available in:

Full List of Graduate Certificates

Certificate Name Industry College Dept Advisor Related MS
Applied Science * Instructional Design, Science CSLA HUM Andrew Klobucar APSC
Applied Statistical Methods Applied Mathematics,
Big Data Essentials Computing, Analytics YWCC CS Chase Wu DS/CS
Biomedical Device Development Biomedical NCE BMED Max Roman BMED
Biostatistics Essentials Biostatistics CSLA MATH S. Subramanian BSTA
Business Analytics * Management, Business, Intelligence MTSM MGMT Zhipeng Yan MGMT
Cell & Gene Therapy Sciences (formerly Biotechnology) Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Bioscience CSLA CHES Kevin Belfield PHCH
Business and Information Systems Implementation * Management, Information
Clinical Trials: Design & Analysis New! Data Science, Applied Statistics CSLA MATH Sunil Dhar APST
Construction Management * Civil Engineering NCE CEE Sylvana Brito CE/EM
Data Mining * Computing, Databases YWCC CS Chase Wu CS/IS/BIS
Data Visualization New! Data Science, Visualization YWCC IS Aritra Dasgupta IS/PTC
Digital Marketing Design Essentials * Digital Media, Social Media CSLA HUM Andrew Klobucar PTC
Environmental Engineering New! Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering NCE CEE Taha Marhaba ENE/CE
Environmental Science New! Environmental Science, Conservation CSLA CHES Linda Cummings EVSC
Environmental Science and Engineering New! Environmental Science, Conservation CSLA CHES Linda Cummings EVSC
Finance for Managers Management, Finance MTSM MGMT Lilia Lozarito MBA
Financial Technology New! Management, FinTech MTSM MGMT Lilia Lozarito MGMT
Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering New! Hydrology, Civil/Environmental Engineering NCE CEE Taha Marhaba ENE/CE
Information Security * Computing, Network Security YWCC CS Reza Curtmola CSP/IS/ITAS
Instructional Design, Evaluation
and Assessment
Education, Digital Trainers CSLA HUM Andrew Klobucar PTC
Intelligent Transportation Systems Transportation, Civil Engineer NCE CEE Joyoung Lee TRAN
IT Administration * Computing, Network Security YWCC IT Michael Halper ITAS
Management Essentials * Management, Business MTSM MGMT Cheickna Sylla MGMT/MBA
Management of Technology * Management, Business MTSM MGMT Cheickna Sylla MGMT/MBA
Network Security and Information
Computing, Network Security YWCC IS

Lin Lin

Neuroscience New! Neural Networks, Biology CSLA BIOL Dirk Bucher BIOL
Pharmaceutical Management * Management, Pharma, FDA NCE CME Gordana Obuskovic PSM/PHEN
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Drug Manufacturing, FDA NCE CME Gordana Obuskovic PHEN
Pharmaceutical Technology Drug Development, FDA NCE CME Gordana Obuskovic PHEN
Polymers and Plastics New! Chemical / Materials / Polymers Engineering NCE CME Edward Dreyzin MTSE
Power Systems Engineering * Power and Energy NCE ECE Mengchou Zhou EE/PES
Project Management * Management, Engineering NCE MIE A. Bladikas EM
Social Media Essentials * Digital Media, Social Media CSLA HUM Andrew Klobucar PTC
Software Engineering, Analysis,
and Design
Software Development YWCC CS Chase  Wu SE/IS
Statistics for Data Science New! Data Science CSLA MATH Ji Meng Loh/Andrew Pole DS
Supply Chain Engineering Industrial Engineering NCE MIE Sanchoy Das IE/EM/MNE
Technical Communication Essentials * Writers, Editors, Digital Media CSLA HUM Andrew Klobucar PTC
Transportation Studies * Transportation Engineer NCE CEE I Jy Steven Chien TRAN/CE
User Experience Essentials * Digital Designers, UX Design CSLA HUM Andrew Klobucar PTC
Web Systems Development Web Development YWCC IS Lin Lin IS