Into which MS degree will this Graduate Certificate convert?
This is being proposed as a stand-alone certificate, however is planned to stack along with a second graduate certificate in this area, or with relevant coursework, to lead into a forthcoming eventual MS or MFA in Digital Design

In what industries might a holder of this Graduate Certificate find employment?

As digital media continue to proliferate, locally, regionally, nationally, and globally, there is increasing need for qualified professionals able to fill positions in digital content creation, management, and distribution. This certificate program prepares those with introductory knowledge to fill entry level positions in the NY metro area and beyond.

In what job titles might a holder of this Certificate fit?

Animation, Interactive Technology, Video Graphics and Special Effects; Game and Interactive Media Design; Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia; and Digital Arts.

Is this certificate fully available online (all courses)?


Description of certificate program

The 12 credit Graduate Certificate in Game Design and Interactivity is comprised of 4 courses for those who wish to gain the foundational skills and knowledge to enter the burgeoning digital arts and design fields.

What are the Required Courses? (12 credits)

DD 631 - History of Games - (new course proposal forthcoming) - A guided exploration through the world of games. Students will experiment, play, and analyze various aspects of games - from early traditional games to current generation electronically-mediated games; from individual games to collaborative online games. Game types will be analyzed with particular attention paid to the virtual environments in which these games take place. The expressive and persuasive aspects of games will also be explored. Students will learn underlying principles behind various game development technologies from traditional to digital format. Assignments will ask students to analyze the structure of various games and prepare them for creative final projects. The latter half of the semester will be focused mainly on individual student research toward a creative final project.

DD 622 - Visual Storytelling and Storyboarding - (new course proposal forthcoming) - The course will introduce students to the language and conventions of manipulating tools and techniques to develop and create simulated environments. Provide an exposure to environment development & simulated aesthetics. Develop a creative direction methodology for digital world creation. To develop a sense of quality of craft with simulated environment making and design.

DD 634 - Physical Computing for Designers - (new course proposal forthcoming) - Design studio focusing on two-and three-dimensional visual communication of data, including interactive and scripted/animated communication as well as still-image utilization. Applications may include website creation, information kiosks, exhibit design, educational videos, scientific visualization, and other graphics-intensive projects.

DD 624 - Digital Audio - (new course proposal forthcoming) - This is an introductory-level course that provides art and design students with a baseline understanding of Sound Design and Scoring. This course is a multimedia class, which includes both visual and audio components.