Graduate Studies

NJIT offers advanced studies in numerous disciplines leading to master's degrees, doctoral degrees and graduate certificates. Programs are available to full-time students and to working professionals who may be interested in part-time study. Several master's degree programs and graduate certificates are fully available online. Some programs are offered jointly or in cooperation with Rutgers-Newark and with RBHS as part of continuing collaborations. Graduate programs at NJIT are overseen by the Office of Graduate Studies, Fenster Hall, Room 140, 973-596-3462.

Graduate students are involved in the university's extensive research activities through association with renowned faculty, research centers and research laboratories. Financial support is available to eligible Ph.D. students in the form of teaching assistantships and research assistantships. Some opportunities are also available to eligible Master's students for service-based or fellowship support. For information about these opportunities, students are encouraged to contact their academic departments. 

Graduate Degrees

All doctoral programs lead to the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. Master's programs lead to the Master of Science (MS), Master of Arts (MA), Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), Master of Architecture (M.Arch.), Master in Infrastructure Planning (MIP), or the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Numerous  accelerated degree options exist that allow dual use of some courses in one degree program toward a second degree program.  The Office of Graduate Studies may be consulted about accelerated degree options such as BS/MS, MS/MS and other similar combinations.

The Collaborative Doctorate

This PhD student option is designed to meet the workforce needs of the knowledge-dependent global economy. The Collaborative Ph.D. program is designed for engineers, executives, scientists, military personnel, state and federal government employees, and educators who want to pursue a Ph.D. degree part-time while continuing full-time employment. The admission and academic requirements are the same as for NJIT’s regular Ph.D. programs but the collaborative nature of the program allows participants to draw on the combined expertise and resources of the university and their employer. The dissertation research of students in the collaborative Ph.D. is expected to produce original contributions to science, engineering, technology or management and satisfy all quality criteria set by the dissertation committee. The student’s main dissertation advisor is an NJIT faculty member while the research may meet the needs of the student and employer in advancing knowledge in the chosen discipline.

To apply to the collaborative Ph.D. program, candidates must have been employed in their specified field for at least a year. NJIT’s standard criteria for admission will be applied but prior work-related research activity, publications, and honors will also be considered in evaluating prospective participants.

Details about this opportunity are available at

Graduate Certificates

NJIT's graduate certificates give students the opportunity to:
(a) improve their skills in their current occupation by developing expertise in advanced topics,
(b) acquire knowledge to pursue new careers, or
(c) explore emerging fields before committing to relevant master’s degree programs that require more courses.  

Many students pursue a graduate certificate for personal growth or career development.

Each certificate program contains 4 graduate courses (equivalent to a total of 12 graduate credits) that are normally part of the curriculum for a 30-credit Master's degree program. After successful completion of a graduate certificate, a student may decide to continue studying at NJIT towards the corresponding Master's degree by taking advantage of rapid matriculated acceptance and eventual acquisition of two credentials (essentially for the price of the Master’s degree).