NJIT Courses

The courses listed here have been approved in accordance with the policies of NJIT. Department or university needs may necessitate changes in this list, and courses may be cancelled because of insufficient registration. A list of scheduled courses will be issued by the registrar before each semester begins. Information found in the Degree Programs section of this catalog serves as a guide for program planning in consultation with departmental or program advisors.

Alphabetical Code

ACCT Accounting
ARCH Architecture
BDS Business Data Science
BINF Biomedical Informatics
BME Biomedical Engineering
CE Civil Engineering
CHE Chemical Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CS Computer Science
DS Data Science
ECE Electrical and Computer Engineering (formerly CoE, EE)
ECON Economics
EM Engineering Management
ENE Environmental Engineering
EPS Environmental Policy Studies
EVSC Environmental Science
FIN Financial Management
HIST History
HRM Human Resource Management
IE Industrial Engineering
MARC Masters of Architecture
MATH Mathematics
ME Mechanical Engineering
MECH Mechanics
MGMT Management
MIP Infrastructure Planning
MIS Management Information Systems (formerly Information Systems Management)
MRKT Marketing Management
MTEN Materials Engineering
MTSE Materials Science and Engineering
PHEN Pharmaceutical Engineering
PHYS Physics
TRAN Transportation

Numerical Code

Numbers from 500 to 599 (500G to 599G for Architecture) indicate entry-level graduate courses normally offered for students who require additional background for admission to 600- or 700-level courses.

Numbers from 600 to 699 indicate regular-level graduate courses normally associated with master's-level study.

Numbers from 700 to 799 indicate advanced-level graduate courses normally associated with research and/or doctoral-level study.

Rutgers-Newark Courses

The current Rutgers-Newark Schedule of Classes can be viewed for cross-registration along with the Rutgers catalog when planning for cross-registration.