The program requires the completion of 30 credits.

Students with non-computing STEM background may be accepted and required to take the following bridge courses (CS 506 may count toward the credits required for the MS degree):

Bridge Courses
CS 280Programming Language Concepts3
CS 332Principles of Operating Systems3
CS 505Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms3
CS 506Foundations of Computer Science3
Total Credits12
Business Core
ACCT 615Management Accounting3
FIN 600Corporate Finance I3
HRM 601Managing Organizational Behavior in Technology-Based Organizations3
MRKT 620Global Marketing Management3
Computer Science Core
CS 610Data Structures and Algorithms3
CS 631Data Management System Design3
CS 634Data Mining3
CS 656Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols3
Select two of the following: 16
Advanced Database System Design
Cognitive Cloud Networking - Architectures and Applications
Systems Simulation
Network Management and Security
Wireless Communications: Fundamentals to 5G
Corporate Finance II
Financial Investment Institutions
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Restructuring
Derivatives Markets
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory
Information Retrieval
Computer Security Auditing
Decision Analysis with Quantitative Modeling
Data Mining and Analysis
Knowledge Management
Management Strategies for E-Commerce
Graduate Capstone Project 2
Total Credits30

 Only one from SOM


Counting YWCC 691 towards the elective credits requires the program director’s prior approval. In addition, it needs to be completed with an external partner (industry, lab, or government), or with a faculty only if the same faculty is not the student’s MS project or MS thesis advisor.