Plan of Study Grid
First Year
1st SemesterCredits
CS 100 Roadmap to Computing 3
HUM 101 English Composition: Writing, Speaking, Thinking I 3
Science GER 3
MATH 101
Foundations of Mathematics for the Liberal Arts
or General Calculus I
IS 117 Introduction to Website Development 3
YWCC 107
Computing as a Career
or Freshman Seminar
 Term Credits15-16
2nd Semester
IS 218 Building Web Applications 3
STS 210
General Psychology
or Principles Of Psychology I
HUM 102 English Composition: Writing, Speaking, Thinking II 3
IS 247 Designing the User Experience 3
Science Literacy with Lab GER 4
 Term Credits16
Second Year
1st Semester
General Elective 1 3
Select one of the following: 3
Color and Composition  
Design Fundamentals  
3-D Design Fund  
Intro To Drawing  
MATH 105 Elementary Probability and Statistics 3
IS 350 Computers, Society and Ethics 3
R830 102 Prin Of Psychology 3
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
General Elective 2 3
HCI Specialization Elective 1 3
IS 375 Discovering User Needs for UX 3
R830 301 Stat Meth Cog & Beh 4
R830 304 Cognitive Processes 3
YWCC 207 Computing & Effective Com 1
 Term Credits17
Third Year
1st Semester
IS 331 Database Design Management and Applications 3
IS 448 Usability & Measuring UX 3
Select one of the following: 3
Human Factors  
Human Factors/Ergonomics  
General Elective 3 3
IS 390 Requirements Analysis and Systems Design (General Elective 2) 3
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
General Elective 4 2 3
Select one of the following: 3
General Elective 5 2
HCI Specialization Elective 2 3
R830 302 Exp Meth Cog & Beh 4
ENG 340
Oral Presentations
or Technical Writing
YWCC 307 Professional Dev in Computing 1
 Term Credits17
Fourth Year
1st Semester
General Elective 6 2 3
General Elective 7 2 3
HCI Specialization Elective 3 3
Humanities and Social Science Senior Seminar GER 3
IE 492
Engineering Management
or New Venture Management
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
IS 491
Senior Project
or IT Capstone Project
General Elective 8 3
General Elective 9 2 3
General Elective 10 3  
HCI Specialization Elective 4 3
 Term Credits12
 Total Credits122-123

HCI Specializations:

Students choose, with Advisor approval a coherent sequence of 4 courses, chose from one of the HCI specializations given below.

Cognitive Design

Select four of the following:12
Minds and Machines
Cognitive Science
Cognitive Science II
Psych Of Adolescent
Social Psychology
Psychology Of Language
Adult & Aging
Psychology & Personality
Psych Of Emotion
Perceptual Dev
Intro To Cog Neurosc
Health Psychology
Media Psych

Game Design and Production

Select two of the following:12
IT 201Information Design Techniques3
IT 265Game Architecture and Design3
Choose two remaining electives from among the following. You may take both courses from one grouping or individual courses from two different groupings.
For students who want to focus on designing games in existing engines/development environments, consider these courses:
Foundations of Game Production
Advanced Game Production
For students who are more artistic, design or asset creation focused, consider these courses:
3D Modeling and Animation
For students who want to be challenged with C/C++ programming to develop their own 2D and 3D games, consider these courses:
Game Modification Development
Game Development
Students may also want to consider these interesting Digital Design courses:
History of Games
Acting Fundamentals for Animators

Graphical Arts Design

Select four of the following, which were not taken to fulfill other requirements:12
Communication in Art and Design - Digital Media 1
Color and Composition
Video and Animation
Interactive and Reactive Environments
Past, Present and Future of Design
Intro To Drawing 1
Design Fundamentals
3-D Design Fund
Graphic Design
Graphic Design II
Intro. To Computer Art
Graphic Design
Graphic Design IV
Inter Computer Art
Exp In Computer Art
Computers in Graphic Design
Adv Exp Comp Art

Web & Multimedia Design

Select four of the following:12
Video Narrative
Composing Documents for the Web
Adv Website Development
Social Network Analysis
Content Management Systems
Advanced Web Applications
Mobile Applications: Design, Interface, Implementation
Web App Development for Mobile
Android Application Developmnt
Introduction to Music
Advanced Music Technology

Build Your Own HCI Specialization

Students may propose a coherent set of courses that have a common thread related to an HCI-related area that you are interested in.  The IS advisor approves the proposed specialization. 

This curriculum represents the maximum number of credits per semester for which a student is advised to register.  A full-time credit load is 12 credits.  First-year students are placed in a curriculum that positions them for success which may result in additional time needed to complete curriculum requirements. Continuing students should consult with their academic advisor to determine the appropriate credit load.