The Department of Data Science is the newest addition to the Ying Wu College of Computing. Founded in 2021, it offers a B.S. Degree in Data Science. This is a new degree program that responds to a strong demand from employers for trained Data Scientists. Data is revolutionizing most industries and B.S. graduates in Data Science command high starting salaries.

Data Science combines powerful methods from Computer Science, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into a unique new blend of techniques for deriving valuable insights from Big Data. Data Science is an ideal choice for students who are interested in applying data processing methods to ever larger and more varied real-world data sets, including image, video, natural language and speech data that go substantially beyond traditional text and table data to solve real-world problems. The Department of Data Science closely collaborates with the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Department of Computer Science and students can take advantage of many computer science and mathematical sciences offerings.  The Department of Data Science offers its own two-semester capstone projects that are executed with industrial sponsors. Students also can get involved in state-of-the-art research projects at the NJIT Institute for Data Science, where top notch scientists work with users to develop data-driven technologies to innovate the way the world works and lives.


Bader, David, Distinguished Professor


Dasgupta, Aritra, Assistant Professor

Du, Mengnan, Assistant Professor


Gaikwad, Nikita,  Lecturer

Geller, James, Professor


Islam, Akm, University Lecturer


Li, Daming, Senior University Lecturer


Monogioudis, Pantelis, Professor of Practice


Pethkar, Kaustubh  Lecturer

Phan, Hai, Assistant Professor


Renda, Michael, Professor of Practice

Roshan, Usman, Associate Professor


Wang, Lijing, Assistant Professor

Wu, Chase, Professor


Xu, Mengjia


Yusuf, Fatima, University Lecturer


Zhang, Shuai, Assistant Professor