NJIT and Rutgers History and Humanities 300-level GER Courses 

Select from the following courses:
Video Narrative
Organizational and Group Communication
Oral Presentations
Technical Writing
Theory of Rhetoric
Environmental Communication
Creative Writing
Advanced Composition
Communication Theory and Practice
Technical, Professional and Scientific Writing for Publication
Technology & Tactics of Sound
Mobile Media Making
Special Topics in Communication
The Newsroom
Practical Journalism
Digital Video Production
Documentary Studies
Applied Visual Communication
Designing Digital Media
Digital Media Futures
Digital Poetry
Electronic Writing Workshop
Law and Evidence
Special Topics in History
Dante: Hell, Heaven, and Medieval Florence
Environmental History of North America
Environmental Justice and Climate Change in America
The American Experience
Civil Rights Revolution and Law
African-American History I
African-American History II
Communication through the Ages
Ancient Greece and the Persian Empire
The Hellenistic States and the Roman Republic
The Founding of the American Nation
Sex, Gender, and the Law in American History
The United States as a World Power
American Law in the World
Science and Technology in the Global South
Gender, Race and Identity in American History
International Law and Diplomacy in History
Law and Society in History
Legal issues in the History of Media
Contemporary Europe
The Rise of Modern Science
Modern Russian Civilization
Legal Issues in Environmental History
Cities in History
Medicine and Health Law in Modern America
History of Medicine
History of Public Health
Sci & Tech In Modern Medicine
War and Society
The Making of Modern Thought
Invention and Regulation
Technology and Society in European and World History
Technology in American History
Computers, Innovators and Hist
Britain in the 20th Century
Historical Problems of the 20th Century through Film
Industrial Revolution in World
Research Methods in Law and Society
American Literature
Special Topics in Literature
British Literature
World Literature I: North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Australia and Oceania
World Literature II: Africa and the Middle East, Asia, and Europe
Contemporary Literature
20th Century European Fiction
20th Century American Drama
Modern Continental and British Drama
Literature and Diversity
African-American Literature
Women and Literature
Latin America through Art and Literature
Literature and Nature
Historical Literature
The Comic Tradition in English and American Literature
Science Fiction
The Russian Novel and Short Story
Problems in Philosophy
Moral Philosophy
Engineering Ethics and Technological Practice: Philosophical Perspectives on Engineering
World Religions
Representative Philosophies
Biomedical Ethics
The Philosophy Of Science
Philosophy of Language
Special Topic in Psychology
Moral Psychology
Foundations of Cyberpsychology
Legal Reasoning, Writing, and Technology
Independent Study
Qualitative Research Methods in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
American Mosaic: Understanding Cultural Diversity
Quantitative Research Methods in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
Advocacy and the Law
Technology and Human Values
Technology and Policy in Contemporary America
Sports, Technology and Society
Mass Communications, Technology and Culture
Gender, Technology and Society
Communications Policy
Pragmatism and Technology
Music and Society
Electronic Music in Practice
Computers and Society
Minds and Machines
Race and Ethnicity
Ethics and the Environment
Animal Intelligence and Ethics
Sustainability Studies
Sustainability Policy and Practice
AI and the Human Mind
Cyborg Society
Literature and Environment
Policy Issues in the Coastal Environment
Geographical Perspectives on the Environment
Story Structure for Game Development
Theatre History I
Theatre History II
American Musical Theater
Ethnic and Minority Drama
Non-Western Drama
Technology in Performance
Principles of Playwriting
Musical Theater Adaptations
Film And History
Ancient Sport
Greek & Roman City
Latin Amer & The Us
Democracy & Reb Mod Latin Amer
Film and Colonialism
Perspectives in History
Perpectives in History
Classical World
Roman History
The Ancient World
Civil Of Middle Ages
Civiliztn Of Middle Ages
British History
British History
The History Of Iran
Ottoman Empire
West Islam & Middle East
Renaissance & Reform
Renaissance & Reform
Tpcs:Human Smglng & Trafcng
History Of France
Modern China
Modern China
Traditional China
Hist People'S Republic
19th Century Europe
20th Century Europe
Mod Near & Mid East
Capitalism & Socialism
Islam In Africa
Hist. Of Russia & Soviet
Hist Russia & Soviet
History of Spain to 1700
Portugal & Its Empire
Colonialism to 1825
Colonialism & Decolonizn
Hist Of So Africa
History Of South Africa
Gender & Casteins.Asia
Hist Germany
History Germany
Honors Non-American History
Honors Non American History
Topics European Hist
Topics in Social History
Mod Europe War & Revolut
Topics: Caesar & Augustus
Topics in Medieval Civ
Topics In Anc Hist II
Topics In Africa-19/20th
Topics African Hist
Topics In Islamic Hist
Latin America & Cari
Lat Amer & Carib Hist
Topics Asia & Far East
Topics Asia & Far East
Topics in Hist of Eastern Euro
Topics In Eastern Europe
Topics Women'S History
Tpcs:Immgtn to the Americas
Special Topics
Topics in Transnational Hist
Readings Non-Amer Hist
Readings Non-Amer Hist
Gay & Lesbian Lives
History American Thought
Hist Amer Thought
Colonial America
Trash Cinema and the Cultural Policies of the Sleaze
City in US Cinema
Labor History
Hist Of Family In Us
Early American Republic
Civ War & Recon
Econ & Bus History
Econ & Bus History
Urban History Of Us
Urban History Of U.S.
Age Of Corporation
Modern America:1890-1940
Contemporary America
Us Hist In The Court
U.S. In Cold War
History Of Amer Politics
Hist American Politics
Hist Race Ehtnicity
Hist Race Ethnicity
America In The 1960'S
Honors Program in Amer Hist
Honors American History
Selected Topics
Topics Amer Politic Hist
Topics in American Business and Economic History
Topics in the History of Science
Selected Topics History
Tpcs:Cold War in Third World
Topics Legal History
Topics in Recent American Hist
Topics Afro-Am History
Topics Women'S Hist
Military Us 1800-2000