Two Baccalaureate Degrees

Qualified students whose special interests and career plans make such study appropriate may be granted permission to earn two undergraduate baccalaureate degrees.

Written approval to undertake this curriculum must be obtained from each of the departments involved and the dean(s) of the appropriate college(s). In addition to meeting all general education requirements, the candidate for two degrees must earn at least 30 credits more than is required for either degree and must fulfill all requirements of the two degree programs. Two degrees can be earned only with programs having at least 15 non-overlapping credits in course requirements. Normally this requires five years of study.

Double Major

Qualified students whose career plans make such study appropriate may be granted permission to major in two disciplines. Written approval of the proposed curriculum by the department chairperson(s) offering the majors, subject to the review and authorization of the appropriate dean(s), must be obtained by the student. The candidate for the double major must fulfill all requirements for both majors (the second major is noted on the transcript.) In some instances, there is an articulated double major with Rutgers-Newark.

Dual Major with Rutgers-Newark

NJIT and Rutgers-Newark offer their students the option of pursuing a dual major at the two institutions. NJIT students may elect to pursue a dual (or second) major at Rutgers-Newark. Acceptance into the Rutgers-Newark major program is consistent and uniform with practices in place at NJIT and is determined solely by Rutgers-Newark. Upon successful completion of the major, Rutgers-Newark conveys certification for graduation to the appropriate certifying office at NJIT. In addition, NJIT certifies for graduation the completion of the NJIT major and any and all college requirements. NJIT then annotates the student's transcript to read: "Completion of Major Program in (name of major), (date) at Rutgers-Newark."

This option may not apply to chemistry/applied chemistry, mathematics/applied mathematics, physics/applied physics, information systems/computer science, management/School of Management programs.


Minors require a minimum number of credits of which half must be in upper level courses and earned at NJIT.  Minors may not be earned in the student's same major area of studies.  Courses to fulfill the minor do not need to be exclusive to the minor.  Exceptions may include a federated department.

Students wishing to earn minors are responsible for registering their intent with the registrar's office no later than the semester preceding graduation. They must complete the Declare a Minor form which is available from, and should be returned to, the Registrar's Office.