(15 credits minimum)

Students must take 5 courses (15 credits) that are not core courses within their existing major.

Required Courses: 

IS 247Designing the User Experience3
IS 375Discovering User Needs for UX3
IS 448Usability & Measuring UX3

Select 2-5 of the following courses:

AD 112Communication in Art and Design - Digital Media3
AD 150Color and Composition3
COM 303Video Narrative3
DD 284Video and Animation3
DD 321Interactive and Reactive Environments3
COM 355Cybertext3
COM 354Composing Documents for the Web3
HIST 387Computers, Innovators and Hist3
ID 203Past, Present and Future of Design3
IT 201Information Design Techniques3
IT 265Game Architecture and Design3
STS 310Technology and Human Values3
STS 312Technology and Policy in Contemporary America3
STS 351Minds and Machines3
PSY 359Foundations of Cyberpsychology3
You may include one of the following:
Human Factors
Human Factors/Ergonomics
Total Credits 15

Prerequisite: Computing GER

Students must take R830 101 Principles Of Psychology I or PSY 210 Introduction to Psychology as their Social Science GER; Current BA IS, BS BIS and BS WIS majors should substitute two BS HCI specialization courses listed in the catalog for IS 247 Designing the User Experience and  IS 375 Discovering User Needs for UX.

Students outside CCS may substitute one course for a IS, CS or IT course approved by the IS Undergraduate Advisor.