(16 credits)

Requires approval by Grand Challenge Scholar Program coordinator.

ENGR 290Pers of the Grand Challenges1
ENGR 423Drone Science Fundamentals3
or CHE 415 Introduction to 3D Printing
or ENGR 301 Engineering Applications of Data Science
or MTSE 318 Engineering Materials
or OPSE 301 Introduction to Optical Science and Engineering
or OPSE 310 Virtual Instrumentation
or OPSE 410 Biophotonics
ENGR 491Research and Independent Study I3
ENGR 492Research and Independent Study II3
IE 463Invention and Entrepreneurship3
or IE 492 Engineering Management
or ENTR 210 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
or ENTR 320 Financing New Venture
or ENTR 330 Entrepreneurial Strategy
or ENTR 440 Lean Startup Accelerator
or ENTR 485 ST in Entrepreneurship
ENGR 493Service Learning Experience for Engineers3
Total Credits16