Minor in Materials Engineering (Student must select 5 courses for a total of 15 credits).

ME 215Engineering Materials and Processes 13
ME 438Introduction to Physical Metallurgy3
ME 470Engineering Properties of Plastics3
ME 490Mechanical Engineering Project A3
MTEN 201Introductory Principles of Materials Engineering3
MTSE 301Principles of Material Science and Engineering3
EVSC 325Energy and Environment3
BME 304Material Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering3
BME 420Advanced Biomaterials Science3
BME 422Biomaterials Characterization3
BME 491Research and Independent Study I3
CE 360Sustainable Civil Engr Mat3
CE 490Civil Engineering Projects3
CHE 375Structure, Properties and Processing of Materials3
CHE 415Introduction to 3D Printing3
CHE 444Introduction to Polymer Engineering3
CHE 491Research and Independent Study I3
ENGR 301Engineering Applications of Data Science3

Except for students majoring in ME.