B.S. in Architecture Requirements

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
1st SemesterCredits
ARCH 161 Intro Design and Digital Media 6
HUM 101 English Composition: Writing, Speaking, Thinking I 3
MATH 113 Finite Mathematics and Calculus I 3
FRSH SEM First-Year Seminar 0
 Term Credits12
2nd Semester
ARCH 156 Tools and Techniques 3
ARCH 164 Introduction to Design II 5
HUM 102 English Composition: Writing, Speaking, Thinking II 3
MATH 105 Elementary Probability and Statistics 3
 Term Credits14
Second Year
1st Semester
ARCH 223 Construction I 3
ARCH 251 History of Architecture I 3
ARCH 263 Architecture Studio I 5
PHYS 102 General Physics 3
PHYS 102A General Physics Lab 1
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
ARCH 227 Environmental Control Systems I 3
ARCH 229 Structures I 3
ARCH 252 History of Architecture II 3
ARCH 264 Architecture Studio II 5
PHYS 103 General Physics 3
PHYS 103A General Physics Lab 1
 Term Credits18
Third Year
1st Semester
ARCH 381 History of Architecture III 3
CS 104 Computer Programming and Graphics Problems 3
Design Elelective 3
Design Elelective 3
History and Humanities GER 200 level 3
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
Social Science GER 3
History and Humanities GER 300+ level 3
ARCH 361 Project Based Seminar I 3
ARCH 382 History of Architecture IV 3
Design Elective 3
 Term Credits15
Fourth Year
1st Semester
Design Elective 3
Design Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
History and Humanities GER 300+ level 3
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
ARCH 461 Project Based Seminar II 3
Humanities and Social Science Senior Seminar GER 3
Design Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 3
Free Elective 1
 Term Credits16
 Total Credits120

See the General Education Requirements for more information on electives.

Graduation is contingent upon the maintenance of a 2.0 average and the successful completion of the minimum credit requirement of prescribed courses within the select curriculum: Bachelor of Science in Architecture (B.S. Arch) requires 120 credits.

M.B.A. in Management of Technology Requirements

Architectural Management Requirements
ARCH 650Economy Of Building 13
ARCH 651Real Estate Analysis for Architects 13
ARCH 652Architectural Project Management 13
Technology Module - Core Courses
FIN 516Principles of Financial Management3
MGMT 620Management of Technology3
MGMT 625Distribution Logistics3
MGMT 630Decision Analysis3
MGMT 635Data Mining and Analysis3
or MATH 661 Applied Statistics
MIS 620E-Commerce Technologies3
MIS 645Information Systems Principles3
Essential Business Processes - Core Courses
ACCT 615Management Accounting3
FIN 600Corporate Finance I3
FIN 618Public and Private Financing of Urban Areas3
HRM 601Organizational Behavior3
MRKT 620Competing in Global Markets3
MGMT 680Entrepreneurial Strategy3
or MGMT 692 Strategic Management
Total Credits48