Career Development Services is a value–added contributor to the career planning and preparation of NJIT students and graduates. We are dedicated to continually improving our client services and to assuming leadership in the profession of career development.

Our Mission is fulfilled through assisting:

  • Students in gaining a clear understanding of their career options and workplace requirements, in  obtaining experiential learning opportunities in the private and public sectors, in developing job search and interviewing  skills, and obtaining employment upon graduation;
  • Alumni in refining their job search and interviewing skills, career objectives, gaining a clear understanding of their career options and  workplace requirements, and obtaining meaningful employment in a specialty consistent with their education, experience, and personal goals;
  • Faculty/staff in understanding the needs of employers and of the academic preparation and associated skills necessary for graduates, and thus influencing curricula content and academic advisement;
  • Employers in staffing their organizations with qualified students, graduates, and alumni capable of filling their workforce needs, and in developing closer and more effective relationships with university staff;
  • The community in linking students, alumni, faculty, and staff directly to service and civic engagement activities with organizations committed to improving the quality of life for New Jersey residents.
  • New Jersey's economic and workforce development efforts through ready access to a highly skilled workforce, thereby reducing company expenses for new employee recruitment, staffing, and training; facilitating the transfer of technological knowledge to the workplace; and through stimulating the creation of new jobs.