6-Year Accelerated Curriculum in Law, Technology and Culture (B.A.) and Law (J.D.)

(105 credits at NJIT + the first year of Law School)

The accelerated pre-law curriculum in Law, Technology and Culture (LTC) differs from the standard LTC curriculum in the following ways:

  1. Students take a total of 105 credits at NJIT during three years of study. The B.A. is granted from NJIT after successful completion of the first year of law school.
  2. In order to complete all NJIT course requirements in their three years at NJIT, students take 12 of their required 105 credits during the summers after their first and second years or as an overload during fall and spring semesters.
  3. Students take 6 credits of free electives instead of 24.
  4. Students fulfill all the requirements of the Albert Dorman Honors College, and an honors level of scholarship is expected in projects or theses submitted in HSS 404 Humanities Senior Seminar - History.