Qualifying Examination and Research Examination

The student must pass a written qualifying examination and oral research examination. The written qualifying examination is administered yearly to test general academic preparation and competence for research in applied physics. Within one year after passing the written qualifying examination, the student is required to pass the oral qualifying examination to achieve Ph.D. candidacy, in which the prospective Ph.D. candidate presents a preliminary research proposal for approval by the dissertation committee. The student will be allowed two attempts to pass the written or oral qualifying examination.

Dissertation and Defense

An oral presentation and defense of the doctoral dissertation is required. A five-member committee, chaired by the dissertation advisor, must approve the content and presentation of the dissertation research.

Degree Requirements

Ph.D. in Applied Physics (with bachelor's degree)

Course Work 136
PHYS 611Adv Classical Mechanics3
PHYS 621Classical Electrodynamic3
R755 631Quantum Mechanics3
PHYS 641Statistical Mechanics3
PHYS 721Classical Electrodynamics II3
PHYS 731Quantum Mechanics II3
Two additional 700 -level physics courses6
Electives (Four 3-credit courses)12
PHYS 791Doctoral Seminar 20

Ph.D. in Applied Physics (with master's degree)

Course Work 124
PHYS 611Adv Classical Mechanics 53
PHYS 621Classical Electrodynamic 53
PHYS 641Statistical Mechanics 53
R755 631Quantum Mechanics 53
PHYS 721Classical Electrodynamics II 53
PHYS 731Quantum Mechanics II 53
Two additional 700 -level physics courses6
PHYS 791Doctoral Seminar 20