Degree Requirements

Graduate-level course work42
700-level courses12
TRAN 790Doctoral Dissertation36
TRAN 791Doctoral Seminar0
Total Credits90

Requirements consist of a minimum of 54 credits of course work beyond the bachelor's degree, including at least 12 credits of 700-level courses, passage of a qualifying examination, a minimum of 36 credits of TRAN 790 Doctoral Dissertation and TRAN 791 Doctoral Seminar. Independent original research must be conducted by the candidate in a specific area of transportation. Dissertation work must be of publishable quality.


A program committee must approve a dissertation topic and an NJIT faculty member, approved by the program, must be available to supervise the dissertation research. An oral defense of the dissertation is required after the dissertation committee accepts the written document.

Qualifying Examination

All doctoral students must pass a doctoral qualifying examination. To prepare adequately for the examination, students should take appropriate course work in transportation engineering, transportation planning, and advanced transportation systems and technologies, as well as other related subjects.

The examination has four parts: the first three are written, and the fourth is oral. The oral part is given after the written parts are evaluated.

  • Part I Analytical Techniques
  • Part II Transportation Facilities and Operations
  • Part III Transportation Planning and Technologies
  • Part IV Oral (includes a field problem)

For additional information about doctoral degree requirements, refer to the Academic Policies and Procedures section.