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Description of certificate program

This four-course module uses shared business cases and a shared knowledge base that are accessible throughout the certificate program, allowing students to review material from courses that they have completed and providing an integrated perspective to business solutions. Course delivery and material include online lectures accessible over the Internet, threaded discussions, online chat in real time and case analyses as each course has the same user interface, all courses have the same look and feel allowing students to move seamlessly from course to course.

This 12-credit graduate certificate was created to offer managers and professionals core business knowledge in the areas of finance, marketing, accounting, and management information systems. It is designed to provide the skill and tools needed to analyze business models and to apply core business concepts to tactical and strategic problems.  This includes advanced skills and tools to analyze business conditions and tactically solve problems.

Course Listing. Take all 4 courses below:

ACCT 615 Management Accounting - Builds on traditional concepts of managerial accounting (break-even analysis, alternate choice decisions, profit planning, and transfer pricing) and develops the skills that an executive needs in strategic cost analysis. Explores strategic decisions of value chains and activity-based management. Emphasis on using managerial accounting data in executive planning and control.

FIN 600 Corporate Finance I - This course introduces concepts and analytical tools to identify and solve Financial Management problems. After introducing the corporation, the course focuses on how firms invest in real assets (capital budgeting) and how they raise money to pay for assets (financing). Practical problems in valuing bonds, stocks and other investments will be based on the time value of money. The trade-off between risk and return will be introduced with the Capital Asset Pricing Model.

MRKT 620 Global Marketing Management - Designed to help prepare students to become effective managers overseeing global market activities in an increasingly competitive environment. It will examine the impact of global economic, financial, cultural, political, and legal factors on the development of marketing programs and on the marketing/R&D and marketing/manufacturing interfaces.

MIS 645 Information Systems Principles - The management of information processing resources, including: role of information processing, estimates of personnel resources and budgets, integration of corporate and MIS plans, organizational alternatives for MIS departments and support staffs, management of computer operations, equipment and general software acquisitions, intermediate and long-range MIS plans, integration of personal computers, minicomputers, and mainframes, and security and controls.