The program requires the completion of 33 credits.

Students with non-computing STEM background may be accepted and required to take the following bridge courses (CS 506 may count toward the credits required for the MS degree):

Bridge Courses
CS 280Programming Language Concepts3
CS 332Principles of Operating Systems3
CS 505Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms3
CS 506Foundations of Computer Science3
Total Credits12
Required Courses
CS 684Software Testing and Quality Assurance 13
CS 685Software Architecture 13
CS 683Software Project Management 13
IS 676Requirements Engineering3
CS 673Software Design and Production Methodology 13
CS 700BMaster's Project3
Elective Courses
Select five of the following:15
Java Programming
Operating System Design 1
Data Management System Design 1
Advanced Database System Design
Distributed Systems 1
Data Mining
Computer Programming Languages
Computer Networks-Architectures, Protocols and Standards 1
Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols 1
Image Processing and Analysis
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Network Management and Security 1
Web Services and Middleware
System Analysis and Design
Project Management
Project Control
Management of Technology
Total Credits33