Degree Requirements

A minimum of 30 credits is required for the degree, excluding bridge courses. The graduate curriculum consists of five core courses and additional elective courses, with an optional thesis (six credits) or research project (three credits).

Students with non-computing STEM background may be accepted and required to take the following bridge courses (CS 506 may count toward the credits required for the MS degree):

Bridge Courses
CS 280Programming Language Concepts3
CS 332Principles of Operating Systems3
CS 505Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms3
CS 506Foundations of Computer Science3
Total Credits12


Core Courses
BNFO 601Foundations of Bioinformatics I3
BNFO 602Foundations of Bioinformatics II3
BNFO 615Data Analysis in Bioinformatics3
BNFO 644Data Mining and Management in Bioinformatics3
MATH 663Introduction to Biostatistics3
Select five of the following:15
NJIT Electives
Neural Engineering
Biomechanics of Human Structure and Motion
Advanced Physical Chemistry
Data Management System Design
Advanced Database System Design
Image Processing and Analysis
Data Mining
Computer Vision
Applications of Database Systems
Pattern Recognition and Applications
Information Retrieval
Digital Signal Processing
Random Signal Analysis I
Analytical Computational Neuroscience
Systems Computational Neuroscience
Foundations of Mathematical Biology
Probability Distributions
Rutgers-Newark Electives
Cell Biology: Methods & Appl
Molecular Bio Of Eukaryotes
Microbial Ecology
Topics in Cell Biology
Biology Of Cancer
RBHS Electives
Total Credits30