The MSDD is a 30-credit to 45-credit intermediate graduate program credential designed to combine the course work of any three graduate certificate programs: Animation Essentials, Game Design and Interactivity Essentials, or UI/UX Design Essentials plus two synthetic graduate level digital design studios. Students with an undergraduate background in Digital Arts and Design can immediately begin taking course work in any of these three specialized concentrations. For those who need it, the Digital Arts Essentials coursework provides a firm preparatory foundation. There is also a non-studio track available for those wishing to focus on a broader selection of 3-credit course content in lieu of two 6-credit design studios.

The 30-credit program consists of 18 credits of coursework from any three Digital Design graduate specializations in Animation, Game Design and Interactivity, or UI/UX (6 courses) plus 12 studio credits (2 studios.)  Students are required to design their programs in consultation with the graduate advisor and lead faculty member in the area of specialization. For students without the requisite skills and knowledge to succeed in the specialized Digital Design concentrations, students will need to complete an additional 15 general prerequisite credits in Digital Arts.

To remain in good academic standing, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in graduate courses. Students must repeat any design studio course in which they receive a grade of C. A grade of C+ in any design studio must be followed by a subsequent grade sufficient to raise the annual cumulative design studio GPA to 2.75. Incomplete (I) grades for studio and prerequisite courses must be removed before students will be permitted to register for continuing course work in the program.

30-credit to 45-credit Master of Science in Digital Design (minimum 18 course credits plus 12 studio credits)

(A) Digital Arts Essentials*

Year 1 Digital Arts graduate certificate "A" preparatory courses 

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
1st SemesterCredits
DD 601 Graphic Design and Color Theory 3
DD 610 History of Art And Design I 3
 Term Credits6
2nd Semester
DD 603 Video and Animation 3
DD 611 History of Art and Design - Survey II 3
DD 602 3D Modelling and Composition 3
 Term Credits9
 Total Credits15

Fall course choices by DD graduate certificates B, C, or D (students to typically take 3 per term - 9 credits)

  (B)           Game Design and Interactivity Essentials  

DD 622Visual Storytelling and Storyboarding3
DD 631History of Game Play and Interactivity3
DD 625Environment Design3

 (C)           Animation Essentials

DD 622Visual Storytelling and Storyboarding3
DD 623Acting for Animators3

(D)           UI/UX Digital Design Essentials

DD 640User Interface/User Experience in Digital Design3
IS 661User Experience Design3

Spring course choices by DD graduate certificates B, C, or D (students to typically take 3 per term - 9 credits)                         

 (B)           Game Design and Interactivity Essentials

DD 634Physical Computing for Designers – Interaction Design3
DD 624Digital Audio3

 (C)           Animation Essentials          

DD 621Character and Facial Modeling for Animators3
DD 624Digital Audio3

  (D)           UI/UX Digital Design Essentials    

IS 664Customer Discovery3
DD 634Physical Computing for Designers – Interaction Design3

Total required course credits          18

Graduate Fall Studio (All specializations)

DD 650Extended Reality Design Studio6

Graduate Spring Studio (All specializations)

DD 657Digital Design Independent Project Studio6

Total Studio credits           12

 MSDD Credit Total             30