The dual degree option is only available to students pursuing the M.Arch. The dual degree program permits students to obtain both an M.Arch. and a M.S. in Management in substantially less time; in some cases in only one more semester of full-time study. A maximum of 15 credits may be used to satisfy the requirements of both degrees.

Students take additional credits shown below to fulfill requirements for the M.S. in Management. There is no thesis requirement.

At the time of admission to the dual degree program, the School of Management graduate advisor will determine if any M.S. in Management course requirements can be waived.

M.Arch. Requirements

Core Courses
ARCH 500GAdvanced Architectural Graphics3
ARCH 501GArchitectural Design I6
ARCH 502GArchitectural Design II6
ARCH 503GArchitectural Design III6
ARCH 504GArchitectural Design IV6
ARCH 541GConstruction I3
ARCH 542GConstruction II3
ARCH 543GEnvironmental Control Systems I3
ARCH 544GEnvironmental Control Systems II3
ARCH 545GStructures I3
ARCH 548GStructures II3
ARCH 547G4D Integration3
ARCH 528GHistory of Architecture I3
ARCH 529GHistory of Architecture II3
ARCH 555GArchitectural Graphics3
ARCH 569GBuilding and Development3
ARCH 579GProfessional Architectural Practice3
Two courses in architectural history 1,26
One course in contemporary architectural theory 23
Option Sequence
Select two of the following:12
Advanced Design Options I
Advanced Design Options II
Advanced Design Options III
Master'S Thesis
ARCH XXXElectives 29
Electives 29
Total Credits102

With the exception of History/Theory Selectives, ARCH 569G Building and Development and ARCH 579G Professional Architectural Practice, all core courses must be completed before proceeding to the options sequence.

M.S. in Management Requirements

Core Courses 1
ARCH 650Economy Of Building3
ARCH 651Real Estate Analysis for Architects3
ARCH 652Architectural Project Management3
FIN 516Principles of Financial Management3
HRM 601Organizational Behavior3
MGMT 680Entrepreneurial Strategy3
or MGMT 692 Strategic Management
Required Course
FIN 618Public and Private Financing of Urban Areas3
Select three of the following:9
Management Accounting
Corporate Finance II
New Venture Management
New Venture Finance
Information Systems Principles
Models Of Consumer Behavior
Sales Management for Technical Professionals
Total Credits30