There is a great need for highly qualified teachers of science and technology at the secondary school level. Nationwide, middle and high schools are facing a shortage of technology teachers. The Technology Education (TEED) program is a partnership between NJIT and Rutgers University, Newark, offering a degree in Engineering Technology and an instructional certification with the Teacher of Technology Education (1810) endorsement.   

The technology education curriculum provides an in-depth knowledge of various engineering technology disciplines in addition to the required education courses. Students will take a core group of technical courses, and have an ability to concentrate in one or more of the Engineering Technology options. Students will also complete their degree with a 6 credit student teaching course.    

The full four-year curriculum for the program is shown below.  Students who wish to enter the program as a transfer student are typically students with an A.A.S. degree in an Engineering Technology program or an A.S. program in a technical discipline.  These students should have completed most or all of the courses, or their equivalents, in the first two years of the program as shown below.  In the case of all students, both four-year and transfer, a minimum of 123 credits is required for graduation1.

(123 credits)

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
1st SemesterCredits
CS 106 Roadmap to Computing Engineers 3
HUM 101 English Composition: Writing, Speaking, Thinking I 3
PHYS 102 General Physics 3
PHYS 102A General Physics Laboratory 1
MATH 138 General Calculus I 3
MET 103 Engineering Graphics and Intro. to CAD 2
ET 101 Introduction to Engineering Technology 0
FRSH SEM Freshman Seminar 0
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
MATH 238 General Calculus II 3
PHYS 103 General Physics 3
PHYS 103A General Physics Laboratory 1
ECET 201 Circuits I 3
MET 105 Applied Computer Aided Design 2
HUM 102 English Composition: Writing, Speaking, Thinking II 3
 Term Credits15
Second Year
1st Semester
MET 235 Statics for Technology 3
CHEM 301 Chemical Technology 3
ECET 215 Introduction to Digital Electronics 3
R300 292 Social Foundation 3
R300 295 Urban Adol Psych 3
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
MET 237 Strength of Materials for Technology 3
History and Humanities GER 200 level 3
R300 298 21st Century Urban Educator 3
ME 215 Engineering Materials and Processes 3
IE 224 Production Process Design 3
Technical Elective 3
 Term Credits18
Third Year
1st Semester
STS 310 Technology and Human Values 3
R300 390 Understand Ed Eval 3
R300 410 Ict In Secondary Sch 3
CPT 325 Medical Informatics Technology 3
R300 388 Curriculum& Instruct 3
 Term Credits15
2nd Semester
History and Humanities GER 300+ level 3
MATH 305
Statistics for Technology
or Industrial Statistics
R300 386 Methods of Teaching Sec School 3
CET 313 Construction Procedures I 3
IE 355 Human Factors 3
 Term Credits15
Fourth Year
1st Semester
Humanities and Social Science Senior Seminar GER 3
CET 317 Construction Computing 3
Technical ET Elective (3xx or 4xx) 3
Technical Elective 3
 Term Credits12
2nd Semester
CET 314 Construction Procedures II 3
Technical ET Elective (3xx or 4xx) 3
Technical Elective 3
R300 418 Secondary Practicum 2 2
R300 419 Clinical Practice 1
 Term Credits12
Fifth Year
1st Semester
R300 487 Student Teaching & Seminar 3
R300 488 Clinical II: St Teaching Exp 3
 Term Credits6
 Total Credits123