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Dean Pius J. Egbelu
Associate Dean axe
Sponsored Chairs pkatia [Hurlburt Professor] [s1],rappw[Henry J. Leir Chair in International Business]
Director, Executive Program frazier

Dean Pius J. Egbelu
Associate Dean Lisa B. Axe
Sponsored Chairs Katia Passerini(Hurlburt Professor)* , William V. Rapp(Henry J. Leir Chair in International Business)
Director, Executive Program Delores E. Frazier

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Graduate Advisor lozarito

Undergraduate Advisor Michael T. Sweeney
Graduate Advisor Lilia A. Lozarito

Distinguished Professors pegbelu
Professors anandara,Fjermest[s1],sgopalak,lawrenck,Mehta, Schachte,Somers,sylla
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Assistant Professors ehrlich,xwrachel,zyan,rsverdlo,ethomas,cicon, bandera
Special Lecturer Casal,pchou , walshd, schoenka

Distinguished Professors Pius J. Egbelu
Professors Asokan Anandarajan, Jerry L. Fjermestad* , Shanthi Gopalakrishnan, Kenneth D. Lawrence, Rajiv Mehta, Hindy L. Schachter, Mark Somers, Cheickna Sylla
Associate Professors Theologos H. Bonitsis, Katia Passerini* , Marguerite A. Schneider, Stephan P. Kudyba, Yi Chen
Assistant Professors Michael A. Ehrlich, Wei Xu, Zhipeng Yan, Ronald Sverdlove, Ellen Thomas, James E. Cicon, Cesar Bandera
Special Lecturer Jose C. Casal, Porchiung B. Chou, Diana Walsh, Karen P. Schoenebeck
*  Joint appointee with the Department of Computer and Information Science
**  Joint appointee with the School of Architecture

B. S. in Business

The B.S. in Business curriculum is designed to help students understand the many functions involved in operating a successful organization in today's global economy. The School of Management draws upon NJIT's vast resources in science and technology to present a focused program emphasizing the application and management of technology to improve decision-making and competitiveness in organizations, from the multinational conglomerate to the local small business.

The curriculum is cross-disciplinary in approach, emphasizing the intersection of information technologies, business planning, and human behavior in organizations. The program also emphasizes quantitative skills and utilization of current information-age technologies. Students are introduced to multimedia systems, E-commerce and Financial Systems. Students also gain knowledge of current telecommunications technologies and their impact on business operations. Since companies in both domestic and international markets increasingly seek technology-oriented business managers, NJIT business graduates have an advantage.


The B.S. in Business offers five concentrations: management information systems, marketing, finance, international business and accounting.

The management information systems concentration focuses on the design of information systems that improve business effectiveness. Coursework includes programming languages, database design, and applications of information technologies to business problems.

The marketing concentration focuses on business-to-business marketing with a strong emphasis on the marketing of technology-based products and innovations. Courses emphasize selling and promotion, product design and market research, and marketing information systems.

The finance concentration focuses on finance and financial technologies. Courses cover topics such as securities, risk management, financial statement analysis and ERP systems.

The International Business specialization emphasizes global business and an understanding of diverse cultures and business environments. Students are strongly encouraged to study abroad at one of our partner universities.

The accounting concentration offers students who want to become accountants the required course path for getting a CPA license. Courses include managerial accounting, cost accounting, auditing, federal tax and new courses that will be added are forensic and international accounting.

The curriculum as described below is for students entering NJIT as freshmen in the Fall 2007 or after that date. Students entering before that date may have a different program and should consult the school to learn which curriculum applies.

B.S. in Business 123 Credit minimum 16
B.S. in Business (123 Credit minimum)
1st Semester:

This curriculum represents the maximum number of credits per semester for which a student is advised to register.  A full-time credit load is 12 credits.  First-year students are placed in a curriculum that positions them for success which may result in additional time needed to complete curriculum requirements. Continuing students should consult with their academic advisor to determine the appropriate credit load.

  Acct 115 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting (3-0-3)
 CS 103Computer Science with Business Problems (3-0-3) or
 IS 118Introduction to Software Application Tools (3-0-3)
  HUM 101English Composition: Writing, Speaking, Thinking I (3-0-3)
  Math 135Calculus for Business (3-0-3)
  Mgmt 190Introduction to Business (3-0-3)
  Frsh SemFreshman Seminar (1-0-0)
2nd Semester: acct215,econ265,mis245,hum102,{PE;Physical Education GUR;0-1-1},mgmt290
  Acct 215Managerial Accounting I (3-0-3)
  Econ 265Microeconomics (3-0-3)
  MIS 245Introduction to Management Information Systems (3-0-3)
  HUM 102English Composition: Writing, Speaking, Thinking II (3-0-3)
  PE (Physical Education GUR) (0-1-1) 
  Mgmt 290Business Law I (3-0-3)
1st Semester: econ266,math105,{Elective;Natural Science GUR;3-0-3},{hum211|hum212|hist213},{PE;Physical Education GUR;0-1-1},{Elective;Free Elective 3-0-3}
  Econ 266Macroeconomics (3-0-3)
  Math 105Elementary Probability and Statistics (3-0-3)
  Elective (Natural Science GUR) (3-0-3) 
 HUM 211The Pre-Modern World (3-0-3) or
 HUM 212The Modern World (3-0-3) or
 Hist 213 The Twentieth-Century World (3-0-3)
  PE (Physical Education GUR) (0-1-1) 
  Elective (Free Elective 3-0-3) 
2nd Semester: fin218,{Elective;Hum 251 or any 200 level and above Philosophy or Ethics course;3-0-3},mgmt216,{Elective;Eng 200 or any Eng 300 level or above;3-0-3},{Elective;Natural Science Lab;4}
  Fin 218Financial Markets and Institutions (3-0-3)
  Elective (Hum 251 or any 200 level and above Philosophy or Ethics course) (3-0-3) 
  Mgmt 216 Business Statistics (3-0-3)
  Elective (Eng 200 or any Eng 300 level or above) (3-0-3) 
  Elective (Natural Science Lab) (4) 
1st Semester: fin315,hrm301,mgmt316,mrkt330,{Elective;Business Specialization Course;3-0-3}[p2]
  Fin 315Fundamentals of Corporate Finance (3-0-3)
  HRM 301Organizational Behavior (3-0-3)
  Mgmt 316Business Research Methods (2-1-3)
  Mrkt 330Principles of Marketing (3-0-3)
 ** Elective (Business Specialization Course) (3-0-3) 
2nd Semester: mis363,om375,{Elective;Business Specialization course;3-0-3}[p2],{Elective;300 level STS course or Phil or Lit orHist GUR;3-0-3},{Elective;Free Elective;3-0-3}
  MIS 363Project Management for Managers (3-0-3)
  OM 375Management Science (3-0-3)
 ** Elective (Business Specialization course) (3-0-3) 
  Elective (300 level STS course or Phil or Lit orHist GUR) (3-0-3) 
  Elective (Free Elective) (3-0-3) 
1st Semester: mgmt491,{Elective;300 level HUM/SS/ENG/Thtr/Lit/Hist/Phil/Econ/Poli. Sci.;3-0-3},{Elective;Business Specialization course;3-0-3}[p2],{Elective;Business Specialization course;3-0-3}[p2],{Elective;Free Elective;3-0-3}
  Mgmt 491International Business (3-0-3)
  Elective (300 level HUM/SS/ENG/Thtr/Lit/Hist/Phil/Econ/Poli. Sci.) (3-0-3) 
 ** Elective (Business Specialization course) (3-0-3) 
 ** Elective (Business Specialization course) (3-0-3) 
  Elective (Free Elective) (3-0-3) 
2nd Semester: mgmt492,mgmt480,{Elective;HSS Capstone Seminar:GUR;3-0-3},{Elective;Business Specialization Course;3-0-3}[p2],{Elective;Free;3-0-3}
  Mgmt 492Business Policy (3-0-3)
  Mgmt 480Managing Technology and Innovation (3-0-3)
  Elective (HSS Capstone Seminar:GUR) (3-0-3) 
 ** Elective (Business Specialization Course) (3-0-3) 
  Elective (Free) (3-0-3) 
BUSINESS SPECIALIZATION COURSES: Choose 5 courses in your concentration.


Students must receive written approval from a faculty advisor, prior to registration, for all option electives.

Accounting Specialization

Choose 5:
9 Credits from:

  Acct 325Intermediate Accounting I (3-0-3)
  Acct 425Tax Accounting I (3-0-3)
  Acct 415Auditing (3-0-3)
  Acct 335Managerial Accounting II (3-0-3)
  Acct 435Intermediate Accounting II (3-0-3)
  Fin 403Financial Statement Analysis (3-0-3)
Finance Specialization

Choose 5:

fin401,fin402,fin403,fin416,{Fin 417;Advance Portfolio Analysis;3-0-3},fin422,fin430,entr420
  Fin 401Securities in Financial Markets (3-0-3)
  Fin 402Financial Risk Measurement and Management (3-0-3)
  Fin 403Financial Statement Analysis (3-0-3)
  Fin 416Advanced Corporate Finance (3-0-3)
  Fin 417 (Advance Portfolio Analysis) (3-0-3) 
  Fin 422International Finance (3-0-3)
  Fin 430Options and Futures Markets (3-0-3)
  Entr 420Financing New Venture (3-0-3)
International Business Specialization

Choose 5:

fin422,mrkt435,ss318,ss351,eng360,{MGMT 3XX;Special Topics},hrm310,
  Fin 422International Finance (3-0-3)
  Mrkt 435International Marketing (3-0-3)
  SS 318International Economic Policy (3-0-3)
  SS 351International Relations (3-0-3)
  Eng 360Collaborative Communication: Community and Global Perspectives (3-0-3)
  MGMT 3XX (Special Topics) 
  HRM 310Managing Diversity in Organizations (3-0-3)
Management Specialization

Choose 5:

  Entr 410New Venture Management (3-0-3)
  Fin 402Financial Risk Measurement and Management (3-0-3)
 HRM 310Managing Diversity in Organizations (3-0-3) or
 HRM 415Organizational Design and Development (3-0-3)
  Mrkt 338Product Development and Management (3-0-3)
 MRKT431  or
 Mrkt 432Sales Management (3-0-3)
  Entr 420Financing New Venture (3-0-3)
 Fin 403Financial Statement Analysis (3-0-3) or
 Fin 416Advanced Corporate Finance (3-0-3)
  Eng 360Collaborative Communication: Community and Global Perspectives (3-0-3)
Management Information Systems Specialization

Choose 5:

  CS 114Introduction to Computer Science II (3-0-3)
  CS 332Principles of Operating Systems (3-0-3)
  Mrkt 360Internet Marketing (3-0-3)
  IS 390Requirements Analysis and Systems Design (3-0-3)
  IS 431Database Design, Management and Applications (3-0-3)
  CS 451Network Technologies (3-0-3)
  Mgmt 350Knowledge Management (3-0-3)
  IS 455Information Systems Management (3-0-3)
Marketing Specialization

Choose 5:

entr410,mrkt331,mrkt332,mrkt338,mrkt339,mrkt360,mrkt430,{MrKt431;Marketing Strategy;3-0-3},mrkt432,mrkt434,mrkt435
  Entr 410New Venture Management (3-0-3)
  Mrkt 331Consumer and Buyer Behavior ((3-0-3))
  Mrkt 338Product Development and Management (3-0-3)
  Mrkt 339Professional Selling (3-0-3)
  Mrkt 360Internet Marketing (3-0-3)
  Mrkt 430Marketing Research (3-0-3)
  MrKt431 (Marketing Strategy) (3-0-3) 
  Mrkt 432Sales Management (3-0-3)
  Mrkt 434Business to Business Marketing (3-0-3)
  Mrkt 435International Marketing (3-0-3)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship

21 credits

  Entr 410New Venture Management (3-0-3)
  Mrkt 338Product Development and Management (3-0-3)
  Entr 420Financing New Venture (3-0-3)
  Entr 430Entrepreneurial Strategy (3-0-3)
Choose one from each of the following three pairs of courses: {hrm310|hrm415},{mrkt431|mrkt432},{fin403|fin416}
 HRM 310Managing Diversity in Organizations (3-0-3) or
 HRM 415Organizational Design and Development (3-0-3)
 MRKT431  or
 Mrkt 432Sales Management (3-0-3)
 Fin 403Financial Statement Analysis (3-0-3) or
 Fin 416Advanced Corporate Finance (3-0-3)

*  Needs approval.
**  Study abroad courses can apply.
***  Study abroad courses can fulfill requirements also.

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