Degree Requirements

Students who enter with the M.S. degree must complete a course work of 24 credits. Students who enter with the bachelor’s degree must complete a course work of 48 credits. Students must also complete sufficient credits of dissertation research (ME 790) and meet the milestone deadlines, as specified by the office of Graduate Studies in the New Ph.D. Credit Requirements. Specific dissertation topics are approved by the department on an individual basis An oral defense of the dissertation is required after submission of the final document to the department for approval.

Qualifying Examination

Once admitted to the program, candidates are expected to pass a qualifying examination. Qualifying in Subject Area will be based on students passing a minimum of 4 Mechanical Engineering graduate courses, one of which must be ME 616 Matrix Methods in Mechanical Engineering, with a cumulative grade point average of not less than 3.6/4.0. Qualifying in Examination of Research Potential will be based on the student's formal research prospectus submitted in written form. After receiving the research prospectus, the department will form a committee to conduct an oral examination concerned with student's research ability and general knowledge of mechanical engineering.

Note: Before registering for courses, all students must submit a Graduate Registration Form and all new students must obtain approval from the graduate advisor.