Bridge Course
MGMT 501Management Foundations3
Core Courses
ACCT 615Management Accounting3
FIN 600Corporate Finance I3
HRM 601Organizational Behavior3
MIS 645Information Systems Principles3
MRKT 620Competing in Global Markets3
Select 15 credits from one area:15
Area 1: Global Project Management
Managerial Economics 1
Project Control
Cost Estimating for Capital Projects
Engineering Cost and Production Economics
Supply Chain Engineering
Command and Control Systems
Business Process Innovation
Global Project Management 1
Area 2: Finance
Corporate Finance II
Financial Investment Institutions
International Finance
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Restructuring
Derivatives Markets
Derivatives and Structured Finance
Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory
Area 3: Information Systems Management
Enterprise Database Management
System Analysis and Design
IT Service Management
Information Systems Auditing
Computer Security Auditing
Business Process Innovation
Enterprise Architecture and Integration
Web Services and Middleware
Decision Support Systems for Managers 2
Area 4: Environmental Management
Research Methods for Environment and Sustainability Policy
Introduction to Environmental Policy Studies
Environmental Economics and Management
Sustainable Politics and Policy
Environmental Analysis
Environmental Problem Solving
Global Environmental Problems
Global Project Management 3
Area 5: Web Systems and Media
Pervasive Computing: An HCI Perspective
Web Mining
Web Services and Middleware
Marketing Communications and Promotions 4
Elements of Visual Design
Advanced Information Design
ELearning Design for Mobile
Area 6: Business Analytics
Data Mining
Enterprise Database Management
Transaction Mining and Fraud Detection
Web Mining
Regression Analysis Methods
Time Series Analysis
Time Series Analysis II
Methods for Statistical Consulting
Select one of the following: 5
Decision Analysis
Data Mining and Analysis
Forecasting Methods for Business Decisions
Decision Support Systems for Managers
Management Science
Internet Marketing Strategy
Area 7: Network and Telecommunications Management
Network Management and Security
Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols
Principles of Broadband Networks
Communication Systems I
Wireless Communication
Computer Network Design and Analysis
Wireless Networks Security and Administration
Network Services Administration
Global Project Management 6
Area 8: Architecture and Management
Sustainable Politics and Policy
New Venture Management 7
Global Project Management 7
Select one of the following:
Entrepreneurial Strategy 7
Strategic Management 7
Management Science 7
Building and Development
Economy of Building
Cost Estimating for Capital Projects
Infrastructure Planning in Practice
Infrastructure and Architecture
Land Use Planning
Geographic Information Systems
Area 9: International Business
Select three of the following four courses:
Global Macro Economics
International Finance
Global Project Management
International Business
Select two of the following:
Management of Technology
Decision Analysis
Knowledge Management
Legal and Ethical Issues
Strategic Management
Entrepreneurial Strategy
Market Planning and Analysis
Area 10: Innovation and Entrepreneurship
New Venture Finance
Management of Technology
Convention, Creativity and Innovation
Entrepreneurial Strategy
Strategic Management
Information Technology, Business and the Law
Legal and Ethical Issues
Design and Development of High Technology Products
Customer Discovery
Area 11: Bioscience Management 8
Approaches to Quantitative Analysis in the Life Sciences 10
Introduction to Biostatistics 10
Legal and Ethical Issues
Strategic Management 9
Market Planning and Analysis
Design and Development of High Technology Products
Principles of Pharm. Microbiology and Biochemistry
Biotechnology-Biopharmaceutical, Processes and Products
Principles of Pharmaceutical Engineering 11
Pharmaceutical Facility Design 11
Validation and Regulatory Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry 11
Total Credits30

One course must be either ECON 610 Managerial Economics or MGMT 641 Global Project Management


One course must be MIS 648 Decision Support Systems for Managers


One course must be MGMT 641 Global Project Management 


One course must be MRKT 637 Marketing Communications and Promotions 


One course must be MGMT 630 Decision Analysis, MGMT 635 Data Mining and Analysis, MGMT 710 Forecasting Methods for Business Decisions, MIS 648 Decision Support Systems for Managers, MIS 680 Management Science or MRKT 645 Internet Marketing Strategy 


One course must be MGMT 641 Global Project Management 


One course must be MGMT 640 New Venture Management, MGMT 641 Global Project Management, MGMT 680 Entrepreneurial Strategy, MGMT 692 Strategic Management, or MIS 680 Management Science


Students pursuing this track must enter the program with an undergraduate degree from a STEM field.


MGMT 692 Strategic Management is a required elective.


One 600 level Math course is required.


PHEN courses must be approved in advance through the Pharmaceutical Engineering Program Director.