(30 credits)

Bridge Courses
IT 120Introduction to Network Technology3
IT 220Wireless Networks3
IT 230Computer and Network Security3
IT 340Introduction to System Administration3
IT 420Computer Systems and Networks3
IS 331Database Design Management and Applications3
CS 505Programming, Data Structures, and Algorithms3
or IT 114 Advanced Programming for Information Technology
Total Credits21
Required Courses
IT 610System Administration3
IT 620Wireless Networks Security and Administration3
IT 635Database Administration3
IT 640Network Services Administration3
CS 656Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols 13
or ECE 637 Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols
CS 696Network Management and Security3
Elective Courses
Select four of the following:12
Data Management System Design
Enterprise Database Management
Advanced Database System Design
Computer Networks-Architectures, Protocols and Standards 1
Computer Network Design and Analysis
Information System Principles
Information Systems Auditing
Computer Security Auditing
Forensic Auditing for Computing Security
Wireless Networks
Principles of Broadband Networks
Organizational Behavior
Total Credits30

ECE course substitution for CS 652 Computer Networks-Architectures, Protocols and Standards and CS 656 Internet and Higher-Layer Protocols is only for students with ECE background and upon approval of the graduate advisor.