Physical Education:   Offered by the Division of Physical Education and Athletics

PE 103 - Swim Instruction (0-1-1)
Students develop aquatic skills, including various swimming strokes and rescue techniques, according to skill level. Limited to 10 students.

PE 104 - Survival Swimming ( 0-1-1)
Designed for the average, weak or non-swimmer and will emphasize survival swimming, basic rescue and water safety techniques, and swimming instruction.

PE 105 - Lifesaving/Lifeguard Training ( 0-1-1)
An American Red Cross certification course. The purchase of textbooks is required. Laboratory hours are established at first lecture.

PE 106 - Water Safety Instructor (0-1-1)
Prerequisite: Valid Advanced Lifesaving certificate. An American Red Cross certification course. The purchase of textbooks is required. Laboratory hours are established at first lecture. Upon successful completion of this course, an individual will be able to teach swimming at all levels as well as emergency water safety.

PE 115 - Strength Training and Conditioning (0-1-1)
Covers strength and conditioning techniques and programs, goal setting, and record keeping.

PE 117 - Jogging (0-1-1)
The purpose of this course is to help students improve personal fitness and health through active participation in a safe and effective jogging and conditioning program. Students will learn the lifetime benefits of walking & jogging and the health related components of fitness. Correct biomechanical movements will be emphasized along with fitness and health improvements for all students. Upon completion of the course the students will understand the importance of proper safety techniques and the cardiovascular benefits of activities associated with jogging and conditioning. Effective From: Fall 2012

PE 118 - Walking (0-1-1)
An approach to cardiovascular fitness and weight reduction. Walking tours may be offered.

PE 119 - Bicycling (0-1-1)
Emphasis on preparation for touring and recreational biking. May include some short tours. Students must have their own bikes.

PE 128 - Hydrofitness (0-1-1)
Water fitness designed to tone major muscle groups, and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Includes exercises for all parts of the body, recipes for staying in shape, and the aerobic way to a strong heart.

PE 129 - Individualized Fitness (0-1-1)
Specific training to meet the individual student's interest. Areas include techniques of strength training, goal setting and record keeping.

PE 131 - Step Aerobics (0-1-1)
A high-intensity aerobic workout designed for the moderate to advanced participant using the "Reebok Step" to increase cardiovascular strength and endurance with emphasis on target heart rates, safety, fat reduction, and achieving overall fitness and good health.

PE 132 - Aerobics (0-1-1)
Designed for cardiovascular conditioning, weight loss, and muscle toning.

PE 133 - Swim for Health (0-1-1)
Prerequisite: must be able to swim. Designed for those who want to use swimming to improve their health and fitness. Swim for Health is a concentrated program which teaches the techniques and methods used in the development of individualized ?training programs.?

PE 135 - Beginning Swimming (0-1-1)
Designed for the non-swimmer. Includes survival techniques and basic rescue.

PE 136 - Beginning Karate (0-1-1)
An introduction to shotokan karate. Includes basic self-defense. Gi (martial arts uniform) optional.

PE 137 - Intermediate Karate (0-1-1)
Prerequisite: PE 136 or permission of the instructor. A continuation of PE 136. Includes an introduction to katas, Japanese terms and complex self-defense. Gi (martial arts uniform) required.

PE 139 - Individual Fitness II (0-1-1)
Prerequisite: PE 129 or permission of the instructor. Designed to increase cardiovascular efficiency, muscular strength, and endurance through specific training that meets a student's continuing goals.

PE 140 - Circuit Training (0-1-1)
Designed as a low-impact aerobic program utilizing weights to increase flexibility, coordination, muscle tone, and cardiovascular endurance.

PE 141 - Introduction to Dance ( 0-1-1)
An introduction to several styles of dance, including ballet, modern, jazz, tap, folk, ethnic, and social.

PE 145 - Aerobic Instructor Certification (0-1-1)
Prerequisite: approval of the instructor. Preparation for passing the certification test to become an aerobic instructor. Includes aerobic dance and stretching techniques, class format, music, and anatomy and physiology.

PE 146 - Air Force Physical Training I (0-1-1)
This is the first of two U.S. Air Force-sponsored physical training courses and is open to AFROTC-enrolled students only. Course activities include conditioning, exercises, calisthenics, a 1.5 mile run, Air Force sports, Warrior Runs, a Physical Fitness Diagnostic, and a Physical Fitness Assessment. Effective From: Fall 2005

PE 150 - Beginning Yoga (0-1-1)
Course introduces the ancient discipline of personal development that balances body, mind, and spirit. Students learn a series of physical postures as well as practical methods for relaxation, proper breathing, meditation, and concentration that promote health, alleviate stress, improve skelatal alignment, and increase muscular strength and flexibility. Effective From: Fall 2011

PE 151 - Intermediate Yoga (0-1-1)
In this course students will deepen their study and practice of yoga. Students will master the basic knowledge learned in the Beginning Yoga, while studying advanced poses and breathing techniques. By the end of the course, students will demonstrate and advanced kinesthetic awareness of the body, the ability to perform advanced poses, and a deeper understanding of the philosophy and science of yoga. Effective From: Fall 2013

PE 170 - Modern Dance (0-1-1)
This course provides a basis for students to understand and develop an appreciation of dance as an art form. Through active participation students explore fundamental movement principles and modern dance techniques. Incorporated into this course is the study of all the major dance genres and dance history, as well as the study of anatomy. Structured improvisation and choreography allow students to manipulate abstract ideas, and develop their creativity. Effective From: Fall 2013

PE 171 - Latin Dance (0-1-1)
This course will focus on training students to understand and perform basic ballroom and Latin steps, turns, and partnering. Students will also learn the rhythms, history, and culture of each style. Students will demonstrate mastery of these styles through choreographed and non-choreographed class performances. Effective From: Fall 2013

PE 180 - Zumba Fitness (0-1-1)
This course combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations that allow participants to exercise with no worries. Zumba combines traditional Latin dance styles including salsa, mambo, cha-cha, cumbia and merengue, as well as hip hop and belly dancing moves. The routines feature aerobic fitness interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms that tone and sculpt the body. By focusing on interval training, classes seek to burn calories without exhausting participants with a high impact pace. Zumba is based on the theory that a work out should be fun and easy to do. This allows participants to stick to a fitness program and achieve long-term benefits that are good for both the body and mind. Effective From: Fall 2013

PE 201 - Introduction to Lifetime Sports I (0-1-1)
Offered only in the fall semester, introduces a variety of the individual, dual, and team sports available at NJIT.

PE 202 - Lifetime Sports II (0-1-1)
A continuation of PE 101. Participate in a variety of activities or develop an area(s) of concentration.

PE 208 - Sports for Women (0-1-1)
Designed specifically for women interested in learning and competing in individual, dual and team sports.

PE 210 - Skiing (0-1-1)
Instruction and practical experience in recreational skiing designed for the novice and intermediate skier. Includes lectures on safety, equipment and clothing, first aid and injuries, tuning and repair; six sessions at Hidden Valley, and possibly one weekend trip to Vermont. Students are responsible for costs of lift tickets and any equipment rentals. Transportation may be provided.

PE 211 - Introduction to Bowling and Archery (0-1-1)
The rules, techniques and scoring of each sport. Archery equipment is provided. For bowling, students must pay a $1 per class alley fee.

PE 213 - Volleyball (0-1-1)
Learn current techniques and skills while playing triples (3 on 3) and leading up to competitive team (6 on 6) volleyball.

PE 214 - Advanced Volleyball (0-1-1)
Prerequisite: PE 113 or approval of the instructor. Advanced methods and techniques of spikes, serves, blocks, sets, team transition, strategy, tournament play, statistics, and videotape analysis.

PE 220 - Introduction to Racquet Sports (0-1-1)
An introduction to the racquet sports of badminton, paddleball, tennis, and racquetball. Includes rules of play, service, strokes, and playing strategy for singles and doubles.

PE 221 - Badminton (0-1-1)
Includes the rules, skills, strokes, and strategies of badminton, and provides an opportunity for competition.

PE 223 - Tennis for Beginners (0-1-1)
Introduces students to the rules and basic techniques and strategies of tennis.

PE 224 - Intermediate Tennis (0-1-1)
Prerequisite: PE 223 or permission of the instructor. Emphasizes correcting problem strokes, strategies, drills, and tournament play.

PE 225 - Golf (0-1-1)
Designed for the beginner. Areas covered are grip, stance, swing, strokes, and use of clubs, progressing towards actual course play. Students pay green and range fees.

PE 226 - Intermediate Golf (0-1-1)
Prerequisite:PE 225 or permission of the instructor. Designed to strengthen and advance the skills and theory learned in PE 125.

PE 227 - Sailing and Windsurfing (0-1-1)
Learn the basics of small boat sailing and windsurfing. Includes principles of sailing, rules of the road and boat maintenance with practical experience at Spruce Run Reservoir. Transportation may be provided.

PE 234 - Beginning Fencing (0-1-1)
Introduces fencing as both a lifetime and intercollegiate sport. Basic equipment is provided.

PE 242 - Introduction to Racquetball (0-1-1)
An introduction to rules, skill development, strategies and tournament play.

PE 243 - Introduction to Volleyball ( 0-1-1)
An introduction to rules, skill development, strategies, and tournament play.

PE 244 - Advanced Racquetball (0-1-1)
Prerequisite: PE 242 or permission of the instructor. Advanced methods and techniques of various serves; passing, and kill shots; advanced strategy; tournament play focusing on singles and doubles play.

PE 246 - Air Force Physical Training II (0-1-1)
This is the second of two U.S. Air Force-sponsored physical training courses and is open to AFROTC-enrolled students only. Course activities include conditioning, exercises, calisthenics, a 1.5 mile run, Air Force sports, Warrior Runs, a Physical Fitness Diagnostic, and a Physical Fitness Assessment. Effective From: Fall 2005

Phys 106W - Physics B Workshop (0-1-0)
Workshop for Phys 106 B.