Marketing Management:   Offered by the School of Management

Mrkt 330 - Principles of Marketing (3-0-3)
Provides an understanding of how environmental factors (political, legal, economy, competition, socio-cultural, and technology) influence the design of product, pricing, promotion and distribution strategies. Topics discussed include strategies to satisfy target markets, market segmentation, buyer behavior, marketing ethics, and an introduction to global marketing issues. Fundamentals of marketing are integrated using cases, videos, and class projects. Effective From: Spring 2008

Mrkt 331 - Consumer and Buyer Behavior ((3-0-3))
Prerequisites: Math 105 and Mrkt 330. Psychological, social, and economic influences on consumer behavior. The application of consumer behavioral innovation to marketing decisions: research and measurement techniques, individual influences, environmental influences, and consumer information processing and decision making. A field research project will be undertaken. Effective From: Fall 2005

Mrkt 338 - Product Development and Management (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: Mrkt 330. The process of product development is studied in detail with specific emphasis on technology-driven innovation. Techniques for getting closer to customers including TQM principles are also covered.

Mrkt 339 - Professional Selling (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: Mrkt 330. Provides an understanding of multifaceted roles salespeople play and prepares students for sales careers in business-to-business firms. Discusses the personal selling process that include prospecting and qualifying, sales call planning, approaching prospects, giving sales demonstrations and presentations, negotiating sales resistance, confirming and closing "win-win" agreements. Places emphasis on building customer relationships and partnerships by providing customer service and to ensure satisfaction and build customer loyalty. Concepts are discussed and integrated using role-playing, experiential exercies, videos, cases and class projects. Effective From: Spring 2008

Mrkt 360 - Internet Marketing (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: Mrkt 330. Provides an overview of fundamental principles of Internet marketing for the contemporary business environment. Topics include Internet marketing strategies, Internet marketing plan, and development of Internet-based marketing programs. Effective From: Spring 2008

Mrkt 430 - Marketing Research (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: Mrkt 330. The process of marketing research is studied in detail from study design through report preparation. A hands-on, experiential approach is taken with an emphasis on secondary research and multivariate statistical methods. Data analysis is conducted using SAS and/or SPSS.

Mrkt 432 - Sales Management (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: Mrkt 330. This course helps the student to understand the various sales management activities that sales managers are responsible for in their important role as revenue generation managers. Key topics that are discussed within the realm of organizing, managing and controlling the sales force include sales forcasting, budgeting, sales force organization, time and territory management, recruitment, selection and training the salespeople, leadership, motivation, compensation, and sales force performance evaluation. Sales ethics and customer relationship management issues are also addressed. Effective From: Fall 2008

Mrkt 434 - Business to Business Marketing (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: Mrkt 330. Techniques for marketing industrial products to organizations in the manufacturing, service, government, and non-profit sectors are covered within the context of a global marketplace. Emphasis is on the marketing of high technology products using a customer-driven approach. Effective From: Spring 2008

Mrkt 435 - International Marketing (3-0-3)
Prerequisite: Mrkt 330. This course will help students understand how the product, pricing, promotion and distribution elements of the marketing mix are influenced by international forces (cultural, political-legal, economic, competitive, and technological environment). Topics discussed include global market segmentation, marketing ethics, standardization or adaptation of the marketing mix as well as global information systems and market research, segmentation, targeting, and foreign market entry strategies (importing, exporting, licensing, and strategic alliances). Course concepts are integrated using cases, videos, and class projects. Effective From: Summer 2008

Mrkt 485 - Special Topics in Marketing (3-0-3)
The study of new and/or advanced topics in the various fields of business and their application not regularly covered in any other business course. The precise topics to be covered, along with prerequisites, are announced in the semester prior to the offering of the course. Effective From: Fall 2009


Mrkt 530 - Principles of Marketing 3 credits (3 credits)
Examination of the factors relating to marketing process. The nature and significance of consumer and organization buying behaviors, competition, government regulations, consumerism, and social responsibility are analyzed. Covers decision making in market research, product development, pricing, distribution, advertising, promotion, selling, and marketing strategy.

Mrkt 620 - Competing in Global Markets (3 credits)
Designed to help prepare students to become effective managers overseeing global market activities in an increasingly competitive environment. It will examine the impact of global economic, financial, cultural, political, and legal factors on the development of marketing programs and on the marketing/R&D and marketing/manufacturing interfaces.

Mrkt 630 - Models of Consumer Behavior (3 credits)
Provides students a framework, the buyer decision process model, to analyze how and why products and services are selected and purchased. Impact of consumer decisions on the marketing strategies of organizations is emphasized. Focus on quality management of the marketing function to determine customer needs; provide the appropriate products, prices, distribution systems, and promotion messages; and measure customer satisfaction after purchase and use.

Mrkt 631 - Market Planning and Analysis (3 credits)
Provides a research and managerial perspective on advanced marketing research methods and analytical techniques. Topics include problem formulation, research design, data collection and analysis, managerial report writing. Students will acquire experience by developing and executing their own marketing research project using sophisticated computerized analytical techniques.

Mrkt 632 - Marketing Strategy for Technology-Based Organizations (3 credits)
Students combine the knowledge and skills learned in other marketing courses and develop strategic marketing plans that focus on quality management, productivity improvement, and international competitiveness. Buyer decision making, market segmentation and targeting, product positioning, market response, and competitive actions are analyzed. Case studies and student projects add realism and practical experience to the course.

Mrkt 636 - Design and Development of High Technology Products (3 credits)
Focus on analysis of needs of buyers and consumers for specific product characteristics and the development of appropriate products to satisfy such needs. The process of identifying new product opportunities, screening new product concepts, product testing and test marketing, product positioning, and development of the marketing strategy and implementation plans.

Mrkt 637 - Marketing Communications and Promotions (3 credits)
Communications, sales promotion, and public relations are examined from the perspective of the manager. Topics include advertising and promotion research, media selection, creative production of electronic and print materials, and the budgeting and control of their use. Field research will be stressed as part of the course project requirement.

Mrkt 638 - Sales Management for Technical Professionals (3 credits)
Focuses on the promotion and sales of products in the business-to-organization market. All elements of the marketing communications mix are covered according to their importance in that market: selling, sales promotion, trade advertising, and publicity. The latest techniques are reviewed and discussed using case histories and student projects. Issues of global competitiveness, high technology products, and the role of total quality management in marketing communications are emphasized.

Mrkt 640 - Industrial Marketing Management (3 credits)
Stresses the role of the manager in all aspects of marketing. Managerial decision-making techniques and strategies for product development, product pricing, distribution channels, personal selling, advertising and promotion. Strategic and operational marketing plans are developed based on student field research.

Mrkt 642 - International Marketing Management (3 credits)
Focus on multinational enterprise in the global market, emphasizing special managerial skills required to adapt sound marketing practices to foreign cultural, political, economic and financial environments. Foreign opportunities and marketing strategies are examined. Students prepare a marketing plan for entry into an international market after conducting appropriate research.

Mrkt 645 - Internet Marketing Strategy (3 credits)
Introduction to the use of the Internet and electronic commerce in the development of marketing strategy. Examines the characteristics of electronic markets, the use of Internet for data collection and market research, the Internet as a communication and distribution medium, and the development of Internet-based marketing strategies.

Mrkt 701 - Thesis in Marketing Management (3 credits)
Prerequisites: Mrkt 630, Mrkt 631, Mrkt 632 or waived with approval of the Dean. For students who do a thesis in marketing. State-of-the-art marketing research methods: importance in marketing decision making, research objectives, research design, measurement concepts, reliability and validity, primary and secondary data collection, sampling design, qualitative and quantitative research and analytical methods, field studies and survey research, multivariate analytical models. Also covers planning, preparation and submission of the thesis.

Mrkt 731 - Advanced Market Planning and Analysis (3 credits)
Prerequisite: Mrkt 631. Covers advanced topics in the design and analysis of market research studies. Focus on the development of statistical sampling methods and techniques to develop estimates for complex marketing problems. Also focuses on advanced multivariate analysis and estimation techniques needed in the interpretation of complex marketing problems.

Mrkt 753 - Marketing Science (3 credits)
Prerequisite: Mrkt 631. Emphasizes quantitative model building approach to the complex problems of marketing decision making using the principles of quantitative decisions to management problems and econometrics to the understanding of large amounts of data, which lead to improvements in marketing decision effectiveness. Such areas of marketing as buyer behavior, pricing, promotion, advertising, sales force management, and new product planning will be analyzed.

R630:576 - Quantitative Methods in Marketing Credits by arrangement (3 credits)
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R630:625 - Clustering Analysis (3 Credits by arrangement)
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R630:660 - Qualitative Research Methods (3 credits)
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R630:668 - Causal Modeling (3 credits)
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